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At Renewed Air we take pride in providing you with the same amount of integrity and care that we would expect in our own home. We offer our clients with a wide range of services for all their indoor air quality needs. Whether you’re looking to have your air duct system cleaned, dryer vents cleared and inspected; or have your heating & cooling system serviced, we're happy to help you breathe in relief. Contact Renewed Air today, to receive a free estimate.

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Quality service at Competitive Rates

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Complete Air Duct System Cleaning

Air duct cleaning provides many benefits to homeowners when it comes to indoor air quality, health issues, energy savings, system performance and air circulation. Here at Renewed Air we don't take short cuts. Our process includes air whips, spinning brushes along with our highest suction trunk mounted vacuum into the main trunk lines of the duct system, creating negative air pressure and ensuring no dust will blow into the home while each vent branch is cleaned.  Nobody cleans your ducts more thoroughly than our deep clean services. If you don't remember the last time your properties air ducts where cleaned, recently purchased your home, had remodeling work done or simply concerned about the air circulating through your air duct system. Stop breathing bad air and contact Renewed Air today.

Air Duct

HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

Regular maintenance keeps more dollars in your wallet in the long run. It lessens the chances of an unexpected AC or furnace breakdown during the middle of winter or in the midst of the summer. More importantly, though, preventative maintenance for your air conditioner or furnace will ensure your system operates at maximum efficiency throughout the year. At Renewed Air, we’re committed to keeping your HVAC system in top-notch condition. This way, your family can enjoy uninterrupted indoor comfort year-round.

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Love what you see? Call us today and get an estimate on your next project.

Additional Services

Air Purifier Installation
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Germicidal Air Purifier Installation

Clean air please

Indoor breathing environments are typically more contaminated than outdoor air. Considering how we now spend 90% of our lives indoors breathing and living in artificial enviorments, germicaidal air purifiers help in the removal, cleansing, elimination & treatment of airborne & surface particulates, microbials, pathogens, gases & odors that are harmful to our health.

Call us today to discover how we can help.

Humidifier Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

Dry air no more

Our winters here in the Midwest are fridged, meaning our furnaces are running constantly. While the furnace is working hard the air in our homes become very dry. Making sure you have a whole house humidifier installed and working properly ensures the proper moisture is being distributed in your home improving your indoor comfort.

Dryer Vent Inspection, Cleaning and Repairs

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service.

Do you really need to have your dryer vent cleaned? Absolutely! The lint that builds up in your clothes dryer is extremely flammable and can ignite with even a small spark. Clogged Dryer vents can also increase the amount of time it takes to dry your clothes and shorten the life of your dryer.    

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